2 Ups & 8 Downs From WWE WrestleMania 32

Dallas Liars Club.


If WrestleMania 31 brought about the dawning of a brand new era thanks to the main event triumph of an NXT graduate and the Network's reframing of the pay-per-view landscape, WrestleMania 32 over-reached in an effort to toast those success stories.

Here's a "down" before the lengthy list to come on the show - the attendance was an enormous lie exposed as such as soon as Vince McMahon was forced to admit it. The desperation to legitimately top their disputed WrestleMania III figure resulted in The Chairman counting every fan, wrestler and toilet attendant to get to the 101,763 announced later in the night.

Dallas' cavernous AT&T Stadium was still pretty f*cking full too, but why celebrate the truth if there's a lie to be luxuriated in? It was a frustrating theme that ran throughout the show...

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