20 Most Cringe-Worthy Gimmicks In WCW History

10. Misfits In Action

Mia Wcw A tried and true formula for injecting life into acts that have become stagnant is to update, revamp or redo their gimmicks entirely. One way to do this is to take a group of wrestlers who are floundering on their own and put them together in a stable. This was exactly what WCW€™s intentions were when they took struggling midcarders Lash Leroux, Van Hammer, Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero, Jr. and branded them MIA (Misfits In Action). It was a pseudo military gimmick with each member being given a €œwitty€ moniker. Morrus, as the leader was christened General Hugh G. Rection, Van Hammer became Private Stash (although he whined until it was changed to Major Stash because he felt he deserved to be ranked higher than a private), Leroux was now known as Corporal Cajun, and Chavo Guerroro, Jr. answered to Lieutenant Loco. The group was also given some eye candy with Tylene Buck going by the appropriate Major Gunns. Since the Misfits needed a dose of star power, WCW took one of their most over acts in Booker T, and renamed him G.I. Bro (an early career gimmick that Booker had long since outgrown) in an obvious demotion. Fortunately it didn€™t last too terribly long and he was back as Booker T. Hammer was released and replaced by The Wall, who went from being a suit wearing bodyguard for a Neo Nazi to Sgt. AWOL. The group lasted for about a year, did absolutely nothing for anyone involved and turned talented performers into comedy acts with gimmicks that came across like they were thought up by snickering 7th graders.
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