20 Dream WWE Matches That Only Happened ONCE!

These were WWE's true "Once In A Lifetime" showdowns. They'll NEVER happen again!

The Rock Eddie Guerrero WWE

WWE backed themselves into a corner by proudly boasting that The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII would be some "Once In A Lifetime" experience for fans. Buy those tickets and pay-per-views, folks, because you'll never see this again! Then, almost hilariously, Vince McMahon decided to book a rematch at 'Mania 29 the very next year.

People laughed and went along for the ride anyway, because this is pro wrestling and pro wrestling is full of false promises like that. How many wrestlers have "retired", for example? This phoney finality is probably why these one-off dream matches stand out. They truly were "Once In A Lifetime" - WWE never booked them again.

Shocking? Absolutely. Cool? Definitely.

There are a whole bunch of bouts from episodes of free TV too, which really just goes to show how much content WWE has to fill throughout the year. Sometimes, matches that would've been pay-per-view blockbusters happen on Raw to plug a gap. They always have.

One match here sticks out as a possible repeat for the future, but none of the others can ever happen again. One-off time...

20. John Cena vs. Jeff Hardy

The Rock Eddie Guerrero WWE

When: Raw (2 June 2008)

It's actually surprising that John Cena vs. Jeff Hardy only happened once on TV or pay-per-view. Both were big stars during the 2000-2010 decade, and Hardy was pushed on and off towards the end of that 10 year sprint. One would think that he and Cena might've torn it up in several bouts, but no.

The 2 June 2008 flagship was their only televised battle.

Cena beat Jeff after almost 15 minutes. The match was a number one contendership scrap for WWE Title, and it was probably a given that JC was getting the nod due to his status as a concrete main event star at the time. Still, shocking they'd only do this once.


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