20 Former WWE Stars Who Should Return For Brand Split 2016

19. Super Crazy

shawn Davari

During the later days of ECW, luchador Super Crazy emerged as one of the company's most exciting talents. A feud with Yoshihiro Tajiri put both men on the map, and in 2000, Crazy even had a brief run as ECW Television Champion.

After the company closed, Super Crazy went to work for a variety of independent and international promotions, but in 2005, he signed with WWE. Originally teamed with Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis, Crazy eventually made his way into singles competition. Though he never achieved much success, he was popular and could be counted on for an exciting match.

Today, Super Crazy works for Lucha Libre Elite, an offshoot of CMLL. Still, the fact that he rarely works main CMLL cards seems to indicate that he hasn't signed an official deal with the promotion. Odds are that WWE could snatch him up, and "The Extreme Luchador" could once again thrill crowds stateside - maybe as part of a reborn cruiserweight division.


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