20 Former WWE Stars Who Should Return For Brand Split 2016

18. Katie Lea Burchill

shawn Davari

English competitor Katie Lea Burchill debuted in WWE a little too late - or just late enough, depending on how you look at it. She was introduced as the storyline sister of Paul Burchill, who had already been through several failed gimmicks of his own.

This one would take the cake - Vince McMahon wanted to run an incest angle, and the Burchills would be his canvas. There were hints dropped between the couple, but before things could get too far, WWE switched to a PG product.

The entire incest idea was dropped, which was good for the fans, but meant that creative had nothing for either Burchill. She puttered around for a couple of years, scoring the occasional shot at the Women's Title, but was largely an afterthought. In 2010, she was released.

Burchill turned up in TNA as Winter, and had more success in that company. Still, her tenure didn't last long, and she was soon back on the independent scene.

With today's renewed focus on the women's division, Burchill (with a different name, most likely), could be an asset to the company. The division should expand, and the path to a Women's Tag Team Title or Money in the Bank match starts with more talent.


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