20 Most Horrifically Stupid Things That Ever Happened In WCW

From the harmlessly idiotic to the potentially unsafe to the ultimately company-destroying.

I love WCW. I became a true wresting fan during the WWE's Attitude Era, and while that's what brought me to the party, I tired of the organization before too long and started watching Nitro instead of Raw. Soon, I was immersed in all things WCW, and I was a diehard fan until the doors were shuttered.

After that, I went back to watching WWE, but it just hasn't been the same since. I still love wrestling, but I don't have that same... patriotism, for lack of a better word, for any specific promotion. They just aren't WCW.

That's why I had to write this article. A subject like this needs to be handled with love. The stupid moments during WCW's history (and believe me, there were many) were all part of the rich tapestry of what made the company unique. The harmless dumb stuff was just so zany, and the stuff that ultimately destroyed the company... well, at least it was never boring. You can't say that very often today.

Here's a countdown of the stupidest moments in the history of WCW, €“from the harmlessly idiotic to the potentially unsafe, to the ultimately company-destroying.

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