20 Most Hated Heel Moves In Wrestling History

When the worst people in the world live up to their horrible reputations.


The villain of any piece will usually be the nastiest person in the cast by definition: the antagonist, the person who instigates the conflict that drives drama and precipitates tragedy. Yet, by the nature of story itself, not all bad guys are quantifiably bad people.

After all, the adversary for the protagonist doesn’t have to be evil to get the job done, and (especially these days) people like their black sheep a little greyer than before. The Devil himself would be played as a gentleman; a monster would be recast as misunderstood.

Not in pro wrestling. We like our villains to be deep-seated, thoroughgoing b*stards. If they have any redeeming features, then they’re not real heels… and to be a real heel, you have to be unrepentant, gleefully corrupt, twisted, maniacal, and above all, gloriously over-the-top.

But it’s what a heel does that gets him heat, not just who he is, and the true, dyed-in-the-wool, loathsome pro wrestling villain needs to pull out all the stops. The history of the business is littered with the greatest bad guys in all of storytelling history, and if you want to be on that list, you need to do something wonderfully bad, and it needs to be horribly great.

Anyone can badmouth the fans, deliver a low blow behind the referee’s back, or work an unpopular gimmick. These, however… these are the most hated heel moves in wrestling history.


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