20 Most Horrifically Stupid Things That Ever Happened In WWE

19. Shaniqua's Boob Job Explained As "Swelling" After Clothesline

Shaniqua, which was the ring name of Tough Enough winner Linda Miles, received a Clothesline from Hell from Bradshaw and then about a month later returned with a significant change to her look: she had breast implants. This was when she was a dominatrix manager of the Basham Brothers, who were all excited about her change in appearance. This was part of her promo from No Mercy 2003: "It's going to take more than a Clothesline from Hell to keep Shaniqua down. I will tell you what it did do...it did this. (Focused on her chest.) Look at the swelling in my chest. It's permanent. The doctor said this may be permanent." The Bashams celebrated that news like a pair of guys that have never seen breasts before. Bashams 2 Gif It was one of the more ridiculous storylines in WWE history. We've seen a number of women take time off, come back and have a significant change to their look. Shaniqua's "swelling" explanation was very silly.
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