20 Most Overdue WWE Hall Of Fame Inductions

If the Hall of Fame recognizes wrestling's greatest legacies, where are these legends?

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Despite the fact that WWE's Hall of Fame is privately curated, it's still the most prestigious and visible in the sport. That said, how WWE decides who goes in and when is not exactly a transparent process, and that's led to questions about the Hall's legitimacy. It was clearly a political tool, the gripes went; after all, how could any so-called wrestling Hall of Fame be taken seriously without this star or that legend included? It's a valid concern - but things have improved.

In recent years, the Hall has inducted many of the biggest names that really couldn't be justified for exclusion. But even with Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Bruno Sammartino taking their place, there are still plenty of deserving stars that should really be inducted already. What's more, the scope of the Hall has grown a lot since it first began back in the 1990's, and it now includes wrestlers who didn't compete in WWE - and even a celebrity wing. That means there's an even wider number of people deserving of membership than before - some of them very overdue.

Since WWE's determination process is so opaque, you'll also find speculation regarding why the legends in question have - at least so far - been snubbed.

20. Dennis Rodman

owen hart hall of fame

WWE inducted Mike Tyson into the Hall of Fame based on his 1997 interactions with D-X and Steve Austin leading up to WrestleMania XIV.

Rodman filled the same role in WCW, going so far as to officially join the nWo and wrestle a few matches. The man had a pretty mean armdrag. He was no Ricky Steamboat, sure, but he was one of the better celebrity wrestlers out there, and certainly more directly influential to the product than, say, Snoop Dogg.

Why He's Not In: Rodman never set foot in a WWE ring. Neither did Verne Gagne, to be fair, but his wrestling legacy was a little stronger than The Worm's. Also, there's that whole thing where he's friends with real-life Bond villain Kim Jong-Un.

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