20 Most Popular Wrestlers Of 2014 (According To Google Metrics)

Who is the most popular wrestler alive today?

Google metrics can tell us a lot about WWE's business. By deciphering which wrestlers are searched for most, you get a pretty good idea of who WWE's most captivating characters are. If people are interested enough to google a wrestler, chances are they're interested enough to tune into Raw to see them. WWE should be building their business around the following men and women as much as possible. It isn't just about popularity, whether you're loved or hated in WWE, as long as people are talking about you is all that matters. The following list was originally included in the Wrestling Observer and reveals the key stars based on google data. The numbers compare 2014 with all of 2013, based on daily average (the first seven months of 2014 would therefore weigh evenly with the year 2013), with a percentage increase or decrease.The list originally included boxing and UFC stars, but for purposes of our pro wrestling focus, we'll only list the WWE stars. One thing that can be said about the overall data, is that WWE has massively overtaken UFC in terms of interest. The Observer reports that "WWE, which was dueling evenly with UFC in 2010, is now far ahead, going from 72 percent ahead last year to 150 percent ahead this year." In fairness to the UFC, they've been terribly unlucky with major injuries and drug suspensions this year. The unpredictable nature of their industry has hurt their ability to present compelling narratives, in turn hurting people's interest in the product. The WWE will be very pleased with the following data. Key conclusions can be made on their most popular new star, the increased popularity of their divas, the biggest name amongst their legends and of course who really is the most popular current active superstar.
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