20 Most Popular Wrestlers Of 2014 (According To Google Metrics)

20. Brie Bella, 184.2% Increase From 2013

Brie Bella didn't even rank on this list a year ago, which means her popularity shoots up 184.2%. The reason for Brie being more interesting this year was down to several factors. She continues to be a major star on Total Divas, in addition to weekly appearances on Raw and Smackdown. She also got married to Daniel Bryan and started featuring alongside him in storylines. Her association with Bryan and the Yes Movement elevated her own popularity. An even bigger factor in Brie's google rise was her feud with Stephanie McMahon. A key WWE narrative for months on end, it made Brie a veritable main event act at SummerSlam. WWE did well to utilise Brie's popularity in that angle, in addition to making her even more popular as a sympathetic babyface. All of this generated more google interest. Plus, Brie's hot. Pretty girls are and always will be a draw for pro wrestling fans. It isn't surprising to see her getting googled regularly.
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