20 Shocking WWE Plans You Won’t Believe

19. Snitsky & Heidenreich Beat The Streak

WWE have come up with some pretty whacky ideas on how to break The Undertaker’s WrestleMania winning streak over the years. Brock Lesnar’s ‘Mania 30 triumph over The Deadman remains a divisive topic among wrestling fans, but when you consider some of the other options WWE had in mind, Lesnar’s win feels entirely justifiable.

Mark Henry was pencilled-in to beat Taker at the height of his Hall of Pain powers at WM 22, but creative changed their mind and Henry lost their Casket Match. Five years later, Sting was offered the chance to beat the streak but declined WWE’s contract offer, and Nexus leader Wade Barrett was pegged as a potential streak-beater after attacking Undertaker at Bragging Rights 2010. Instead, the Nexus died a horrible death, and Barrett never fulfilled his main event potential.

The most bewildering idea of all, however, revolves around Snitsky and Heidenreich. With the former best known for killing Lita’s unborn child and the latter reading poetry and impersonating a Road Warrior, this wonderful duo were set to collide with (and defeat) Kane and Undertaker at ‘Mania 21. Thankfully, the match never happened: Kane was injured, and instead of seeing Taker lose to two of the clumsiest oafs in WWE history, fans watched him beat Randy Orton instead.


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