20 Times WWE Was An Absolute Mess In 2019

Celebrating WWE's ultimate so-bad-it's-good moments.

Seth Rollins dork

Seth Rollins was savaged by all corners of the internet when he tweeted "best pro wrestling on the planet" to hype Stomping Grounds back in June, though there were at least a handful of occasions when WWE's main roster actually lived up to this bold proclamation.

The Graveyard Dogs' incredible maiden voyage, KofiMania, Becky Lynch's historic WrestleMania main event win, the men's Elimination Chamber match, Daniel Bryan's WWE Championship run. These things presented Sports Entertainment in its best possible form, and there are plenty of other examples elsewhere too.

Here's the thing about modern-day WWE, though: it's the most inconsistent wrestling product around, without exception.

While the aforementioned examples prove the promotion still knows how to knock it out of the park, their propensity to sh*t the bed remains sky-high. This article is a celebration of that. It's a compendium of 2019's biggest so-bad-they're-good moments, many of which stand amongst WWE's most entertaining matches, segments, storylines, and angles, though perhaps not in the ways their creators had intended.

Are the entries within partly responsible for WWE's shrinking TV audiences, live attendances, and Network subscriptions? Perhaps, but at least they were funny...


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