20 Worst Wrestlers In TNA History

18. Orlando Jordan


Orlando Jordan was not good in WWE. Lack of charisma, awful timing and a lack of gimmick: OJ (didn't) have it all. On his best day the most he could hope for was to be mediocre or, at a stretch, passable. The fact that Jordan couldn't have a decent match with Chris Benoit, who could probably have carried a broom to three stars, is telling.

Still, he was a former WWE 'star' and had youth and a good physique on his side, so TNA (or more accurately Hulk Hogan) decided to hire and push him in January 2010. The results were not pretty. Jordan debuted a bisexual gimmick which was more wrestlecrap than envelop-pushing or, heaven forbid, progressive.

Orlando didn't stay long in TNA. Not long enough to have anything approaching a good match, anyway. He was released by the company in July 2011. Since then, Jordan has apparently opened up a couple of wrestling schools in Sydney, Australia where he currently resides. So he can teach the next generation of Aussie grapplers how to be just as mediocre as he was.


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