20 Worst Wrestlers In TNA History

19. Jonny Fairplay

Jonny Fairplay was one of the first of many failed attempts to garner publicity with 'celebrity' appearances. Fairplay was a contestant on reality TV series Survivor, dubbed 'the most hated man in America' because he - get this - lied about his grandmother's death during a challenge in order to garner sympathy. Christ almighty.

With a moral compass as strong as that, he was the perfect fit for the world of wrestling. Only, he wasn't, because he was absolute red reels and nobody really cared about him. Fairplay was a lifelong wrestling fan and at least a little enthusiastic, but does that justify TNA's decision to pay $350,000 (plus health insurance) for his services? He showed up intermittently, seemingly never being used for any other reason other than to say, "hey, look it's Jonny Fairplay! That guy who was on Survivor that one time. Remember?"

Regarding his illustrious time in Dixieland, Fairplay had this to say:

I signed a $150,000 contract with TNA Wrestling for a year. I ended up making eight appearances for 40 minutes. Then I signed a second contract and they didn'€™t use me. So, I€™'d like to thank them for $300,000 for 40 minutes€™ worth of work.

Fair play, Jonny. Fair play.


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