20 WTF Moments In CM Punk's WWE Career

Tasteless angles, going bald, getting the best out of John Cena...and that stupid mask...

From his 2006 debut as part of WWE's controversial ECW rehash, to his later success as one of the company's most successful superstars, CM Punk has had one hell of a career, and even if he never returns to a WWE ring, his name is forever cemented in the record books. Like just about any wrestling icon, though, his tenure with the company had its share of ups and downs, from his humble origins to all those awkward angles, his struggle to reach the top, and of course, his eventual success as a fan favourite. As one of the most outspoken talents in WWE history, Punk has been a lightning rod for outrageous, memorable and controversial moments, some of which Punk will gleefully take pride in, while others? Not so much. Either way, for better and for worse, here are 20 WTF moments from CM Punk's WWE career...

20. Earning WWE Its First 5-Star Meltzer Match In 14 Years

At Money in the Bank 2011, CM Punk defeated John Cena to capture the WWE Title in a gruelling, 34-minute match that's regarded by most fans as one of the best main events of the last decade or so. Still, it was hugely surprising that the world's most famous wrestling critic, Dave Meltzer, gave the match a five-star review, one of only five that he's ever awarded to a WWE match, and the first since the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker Hell in a Cell match at In Your House: Badd Blood in 1997. The crowd were electric and both Punk and Cena were at the top of their respective games, but even so, to see Meltzer give a modern era match five stars is astounding.

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