20 WTF Movie Moments From WWE Stars

Isn't somebody supposed to edit these things?

Wrestling fans are used to seeing some weird things pop up on television shows. After all, where else are you going to see an 80-year-old woman give birth to a hand, a man have comedy 'necrophiliac' sex with a mannequin (while wearing a mask) and the boss of a billion dollar company literally force his employees to kiss his backside? And that's just for starters. In short, there are no shortage of 'WTF?' moments in WWE and you're bound to see at least one or two on any given broadcast. A big reason for that is because a lot of stuff is done 'on the fly'. Also, wrestlers generally aren't trained actors, adding to the general WTFness of these moments. Movies are supposed to be different, though. Whether they get a wide release on the big screen or simply go direct to DVD and VOD, viewers assume there's a quality control process behind their creation. Professional scriptwriters work out a story and dialogue, directors use multiple takes and re-shoots to get the best possible product, and actors are supposed to have some talent, right? This is a time-consuming process, no? Unfortunately, as any movie fan will attest, things aren't that simple - much of Hollywood's output falls way short of the mark. When wrestling and the film industry mix, things tend to get even more iffy. Movies featuring wrestlers have a stigma of being rather terrible, and apart from a few outliers, the reputation is well-deserved.

20. Edge Nearly Loses His Edge (Highlander: Endgame, 2000)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSXHUikakTY There was only slight buzz in the wrestling world when, back in 2000, Edge was revealed to be part of the cast of the newest movie in the Highlander franchise. After watching the movie, the reasons why enthusiasm was muted are obvious - Edge's role is a mishmash of bad writing, poor audio effects (his mouth moves, but no sound comes out), and silly slapstick. When a group of brigands runs afoul of the Clan MacLeod, immortals Connor and Duncan easily dispatch of them. Edge tries to smash their heads in with a rock, but the threat of castration causes him to back down - but not before Duncan makes one of those wink-wink jokes about him "losing his edge".


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