20 WTF WCW Moments

You gotta' give WCW credit, they sure knew how to turn heads!

World Championship Wrestling remains a unique topic amongst professional wrestling fans. On one hand, there are those who miss the promotion. It cannot be denied, WCW played host to some of the biggest and best moments and matches in wrestling history. On the opposite side of the love/hate divide, there are those fans who feel the company offered very little in the grand scheme of things. To those folks, WCW is no real miss for the industry. However, the organisation went out of business in 2001, yet grappling enthusiasts still debate the merits of the Atlanta-based group. If nothing else, that should give at least some indication of how controversial a promotion WCW really was. Both sides of the argument have been explored before, but this article aims to look at 20 of the most surprising moments the WCW product ever served up. Not all are necessarily bad, because 'WTF' moments aren't always negative. Instead, there's a whole load of good in there too. It's been said that when WCW was good, it was really good. When it was bad, the company was simply awful. That's a fair statement, because when the WCW creative team ran out of ideas, they often scraped the bottom of the barrel. Nonetheless, the promotion is still heralded as the only true competitor Vince McMahon and the WWF/WWE have ever had in the modern era.

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