21 WWE NXT UK Wrestlers Released!

21 names have now seemingly left NXT UK.

Trent Seven Sam Gradwell

Following the initial news that Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster, Amale and Wild Boar have been released from NXT UK yesterday, plentiful more NXT UK names have departed WWE overnight.

As per PWInsider, in addition to the aforementioned four, the following 17 talents have now been moved to the Alumni section of WWE.com.

- Xia Brookside


- Eddie Dennis

- Saxton Huxley


- Amir Jordan

- Dani Luna


- Dave Mastiff

- Emilia McKenzie

- Primate

- Nina Samuels

- Sha Samuels

- Sid Scala

- Trent Seven

- Ashton Smith

- Jack Starz

- T-Bone

- Teoman

- Kenny Williams

That brings yesterday's NXT UK releases to a total of 21 talents.

Likely the most surprising of the names listed there, is Trent Seven. A mainstay of NXT UK since, well, before NXT UK was even formally a thing, the Moustache Mountain favourite - who, of course, had recently turned heel - was one who many fans presumed would remain with WWE in some capacity as NXT UK was rebranded into NXT Europe. Seven could well still a part of NXT Europe, but for now, at least, it looks as if he is no longer with WWE.

At present, the official NXT UK roster page features A-Kid (who is nowadays in main NXT as Axiom), Aleah James, Andy Shepherd, Aoife Valkyrie, Blair Davenport, Charlie Dempsey, Ilja Dragunov, Isla Dawn, Jinny, Joe Coffey, Johnny Saint, Joseph Conners, Mark Coffey, NXT UK Women's Champion Meiko Satomura, Nigel McGuinness, NXT UK Heritage Cup holder Noam Dar, Oliver Carter, Rampage Brown, Rohan Raja, Stevie Turner, NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate, and Wolfgang.

For those who missed it, yesterday brought the news that the NXT UK brand would take a "brief hiatus" after a Worlds Collide special on Sunday 4 September. Pitting NXT vs. NXT UK, that show will occur the day after WWE Clash at the Castle.

Following Worlds Collide, that hiatus will come to an end with NXT Europe launches in 2023.

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