Several WWE NXT UK Talents Released

Multiple NXT UK stars have today departed WWE.

Mark Andrews FMW NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff

Hot on the heels of WWE announcing that the NXT UK brand will soon be on hiatus before being relaunched as NXT Europe in 2023, several NXT UK stars have been released by the company.

As of this writing, former NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster have been released, along with Wild Boar and seemingly Amale.

Andrews, Webster and Wild Boar took to Twitter to announce that they were now no longer under the employ of WWE, with all three praising their time under the WWE banner and turning their attention to what lies ahead.


In the case of Amale, a recent tweet in the star's native French translates (via ever-trusty Google) as, "A page is turned but history continues to be written. Thanks". While that doesn't outright confirm her WWE departure, it would seem to suggest that is indeed the case.

Whether any further releases are to be made remains to be seen, with the past couple of years having infamously served up several instances of WWE releasing numerous talent at once.

Expect more on this situation as and when it develops further.

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