22 WTF Moments From WWE SmackDown (15 Oct)

'Call it geology, because New Day Rocks.'

It's a sad truth that most episodes of SmackDown feel a little throwaway, but this week's edition took the cake. WWE seemed barely interested in disguising the fact that they're killing time until Hell in a Cell; of the seven matches on the show, only two exceeded five minutes in length. The vast majority were squash matches, or paper-thin excuses to keep angles going until the PPV on October 25th. On the bright side, the show still spewed out a number of entertaining WTF Moments. The announce team made a number of baffling gaffes, the New Day were on hand to provide their unique brand of humour, and Vince McMahon's historic hatred of hometown heroes continued. Dean Ambrose - despite earning a huge reception from the Cincinnati Crowd - was reduced to a non entity for much of the main event. Way to send the fans home happy... Where better to begin than with Booker T, who managed to mispronounce the company's name within seconds of the show starting. It was just one of those nights...

22. Anything Can Happen In The WWA

Poor old Booker wasted no time in delivering our first WTF Moment of the night, mispronouncing his own employer's name within seconds of the show starting. In fairness, he only got one letter wrong. Is WWA that much different from WWE? Actually, yes it is. World Wrestling All-Stars was a short-lived promotion based in Australia, which cropped up shortly after the death of WCW. It hired Jeremy Borash as head booker and head of talent relations. In case that doesn't say enough about the state of the company, here's the complete history of its world title: Road Dogg Vacant Jeff Jarrett Nathan Jones Scott Steiner Vacant Lex Luger Sting Jeff Jarrett
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