22 WTF Moments From WWE Smackdown (3 Sept)

Continuity, counselling, and the Cosmic Wasteland.

As the WWE's secondary show, Smackdown often falls victim to a lack of effort, meaningful storyline development, and general excitement. Fortunately, we always have a hearty handful of WTF moments to entertain us each week, but often Thursday night comes across as nothing more than a pale imitation of Raw. Thankfully, this week actually saw a few meaningful angles and matches, making for a genuinely good show overall. Several classic WTF moments were present in this edition, including gratuitous amounts of New Day wackiness, an unintentionally hilarious Roman Reigns crowd entrance, and a Jimmy Uso commentary face for the ages. It's rare that Smackdown delivers both astoundingly bizarre moments and genuine flashes of quality in the same week, but this time the WWE appear to have delivered in spades. Here are the 22 most shocking, outrageous, and downright strange moments from this Thursday's Smackdown.

22. #Booty

The show opened with the entrance of WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day. The trio got firmly into the swing of their rivalry with the Dudley Boyz, taking to the ring in the form of a pro-table protest. Kingston, Langston and Woods decided to take umbrage with the veterans' love of demolishing tables with their opponents, talking up the importance of the furniture throughout history. With a bubble-wrapped table already awaiting them in the ring, the champs bounced down to the ring in characteristically bombastic fashion, brandishing a number of signs with catchy slogans including "Broken Wood Is No Good" and "#SaveTheTables". But what on earth was going on withd Big E's sign? Did he miss the memo and just write down whatever he felt? Quite possibly.
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