25 Greatest "Martial Arts" Wrestlers Ever

Everybody was kung fu fighting!

Mixed martial arts are hugely popular these days, and pro wrestling has been taking a lot of cues from MMA. Ronda Rousey was at WrestleMania, and her popularity supposedly helped sell Vince McMahon on the Divas Revolution. Brock Lesnar went off to UFC and returned as a monster capable of wrecking Undertaker and John Cena with ease. Despite this newfound popularity, though, people have been mixing martial arts with conventional pro graps for years, and it's historically been hilarious. Sure, it's fun to see Undertaker get dropped on his head 12 seconds into a match, but wouldn't you rather watch Ernest Miller dispatch jobbers with clumsy thrust kicks? This list is a loving tribute to the men who shoehorned cartoon karate chops into their movesets, made Bruce Lee noises in the ring, and most impressively, forced their hapless opponents to pretend it was deadly. I've also attempted to determine what, if any, specific style each wrestler was attempting to imitate, though I'm sure I was less than totally successful. I'm pretty sure I caught all the ninjas, however.

25. The Black Prince

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9O-Q7NZmD0 Style: Judo Picture a weedy British gentleman, with a mustache and a bowl cut. Now, give him a black gi, an elaborate katana ceremony for an entrance, and zero actual pro wrestling skill. Instead, he continually circles the ring doing a Street Fighter standing animation and throwing occasional foot jabs. What a package! This World of Sport doofus is best known for being beaten nigh unto death by a young Fit Finlay. No one seems exactly sure what Black Prince did to offend the Belfast Bruiser, but it must have been a doozy. Finlay didn't give the guy an inch, brushing off Prince's (admittedly tepid) offense and laying his own in stiff. It's pretty clear that despite his martial pretensions, the Black Prince had no business being in the ring with a guy like Finlay, who was wrestling grown-ass men for a living at sixteen.
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