25 Lamest WrestleMania Moments Of All Time

Just because it happens at WrestleMania doesn't mean it's a WrestleMania moment.

Jonathan Bachman/AP

Every year, the sheer spectacle or WrestleMania is dwarfed only by the hype coming from WWE in the weeks leading up to the event. The company would have its fans think that the grandest of all wrestling shows is some perfect stage - an arena where the battles are all legendary, the superstars are all champions, and reality and myth become one.

To an extent, it's worked -- WrestleMania outdraws the rest of WWE's events by such a huge margin that it's clear that the very idea of the show carries a cache in the minds of paying customers. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the show is as WWE portrays it - without flaws.

Over the years, WrestleMania has given us moments that, at best, are cause for ridicule, and at worst, still anger fans today. From the early cards that were more about big main events than strong line-ups, to the later ones that have often demonstrated questionable booking in front of very vocal fans, there are 32 shows' worth of miscalculations, blunders, and blatant insults.

As the clock ticks down and another WrestleMania 33 draws closer, let's take a look at those WrestleMania moments more famed for being lame.


Scott Fried is a Slammy Award-winning* writer living and working in New York City. He has been following/writing about professional wrestling for many years and is a graduate of Lance Storm's Storm Wrestling Academy. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/scottfried. *Best Crowd of the Year, 2013