29 WTF Moments From TNA Bound For Glory 2015

TNA's possibly final ever PPV event was an insane comedy of errors...

TNA staged what might possibly be their final ever pay-per-view event with Bound for Glory 2015, and though much of the wrestling was perfectly serviceable, the show is sadly more likely to be remembered as a glaring example of everything the company are doing wrong production-wise and creatively. On one hand, the various screw-ups, bulls*** finishes and wretched lines of commentary made it one of the year's most entertaining PPVs from any company, but given that this was pretty much their final chance to show their worth off on a huge stage, it really feels like they blew it. Still, it's not a show that'll be soon forgotten by anyone who watched it: it was nothing if not eventful and hilariously bizarre to watch, a fascinating car wreck which serves as a reminder of just how gingerly TNA are hanging on.

29. There's No Bell To Start Ultimate X

Bound for Glory kicked off with the Ultimate X match, in which Tigre Uno successfully defended his X-Division Title against Manik, DJ Z and Andrew Everett. However, when the match kicked off, there curiously wasn't any sound of a ring bell, causing many snarky TNA fans to comment on Twitter that the company must've sold the ring bell to help them in their present dire financial situation. Thankfully they must've just misplaced it, because by the time Uno wins the match, the bell is back for the remainder of the show. Still, not a great start...

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