3 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Rampage (Aug 12)

Sonny Kiss turns heel; Champs sh*t on their own rankings; AEW forms another faction.

Sonny Kiss Heel Turn AEW

Sonny Kiss just turned heel.

The 'Concrete Rose' joined forces with Parker Boudreaux, Slim J and Ari Daivari on this week's episode of Rampage. Although AEW must be commended for bringing acts from Dark and Dark: Elevation to the bigger shows, they could also do with some restraint when it comes to forming factions.

More on that in the main meat of the article. For now, just know that this didn't get an 'Up' despite Sonny appearing more interesting than they have for the longest time. Sorry, but the presentation is just a little too all over the place to really work, and first impressions count.

AEW did book one of the best face-to-face segments Rampage has ever seen elsewhere, at least. Daniel Garcia proved why everyone is so high on him, and there's a ton of anticipation for his upcoming 'Best 2-Out-Of-3-Falls' bout vs. Bryan Danielson on Dynamite.

Add some fun mixed tag action and a quirky comedy match into the mix for more positives. Sadly, the negatives dominated though - there was a little too much focus on "unofficial" titles, and the reigning tag champs might've just dumped all over Tony Khan's booking.

Here's all the good and bad.

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