3 Ups & 5 Downs From AEW Rampage: Slam Dunk (Feb 17)

4. Starting To Become A Real Struggle

Ricky Starks

There were numerous problems with this segment.

Firstly, the Ricky Starks vs. Daniel Garcia match was a slight disappointment. Dunno, man, maybe it was unrealistic but...it seemed everybody in attendance was expecting a bit more from these guys. The extended ad break certainly didn't help it from a TV perspective; that killed their momentum.

Second, the ongoing Action Andretti vs. Sammy Guevara subplot isn't that interesting and is only diluting Starks' own push. Thirdly, Ricky has already beaten Chris Jericho, and AEW has done a rather poor job of explaining why this feud is still going on, or why it's such a big deal if he beats the legend again.

That win came in early-January, but JAS started f*cking with Ricky again afterwards. So? Why does he care about wrestling Jericho one-on-one a second time? Just fight back outside the confines of a standard wrasslin' match, Starks. Surely that'd make sense.

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