3 Ups & 5 Downs From WWE SmackDown (Jan 14)


5. Short But Not Sweet

Kofi Kingston Madcap Moss

Madcap Moss and Kofi Kingston barely got out of first gear before their match abruptly ended towards the end of the show. In effect, due to it being the last bout on display, this was the main event of SmackDown. That's...not good, especially when it was too short to really mean anything.

An ad break totally halted any momentum too, which is often the case.

Being honest, this was a crap use of Kofi in Xavier Woods' absence. The Happy Corbin and Madcap combo is still tedious as all hell too - if WWE insists on having Madcap cut those seriously lame jokes, then at least make them provocative. Hearing him call Kingston's group "Poo Day" is f*cking awful.

It was like these dudes were sent out there and told, 'Waste as much time as you can pre-match'. They didn't actually do all that much before Moss "shockingly" picked up a win. Yeesh, nobody needs to see this push smother Sami Zayn's IC hunt, or something like that.


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