30 Most Inconsequential WWE Titleholders Of All Time

29. Kalisto - Untied States Champion - 1 Day (2016)

The future remains to be seen about Kalisto€™s singles prospects, especially whether he€™ll continue to form the Lucha Dragons tag team once Sin Cara returns from his shoulder injury, but as it stands now, it looks like Kalisto€™s win this past Monday on Raw was just to spark some interest in watching Raw, as any title could change hands at any time. The same could be said for Smackdown, where Del Rio won the belt back. Still, WWE has lost a major Latin babyface after Rey Mysterio left the company, and this title reign may have been a way of testing the waters to see if Kalisto can fill that role. As it stands, his reign does stand among the most inconsequential in WWE history.
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