30 WTF Moments In Hulk Hogan's WWE Career

Hulk Machine, War Bonnet, Japanese pop star and more!

Hulk Hogan is a pop culture phenomenon. With his raspy voice and bleach blonde fu-manchu he'd be recognised anywhere in the world, by people of all ages, regardless of whether they'd ever watched WWE or not. That fame came about due to a career that changed the professional wrestling business forever. When Hulk started out wrestling in front of a few hundred people in Tampa, Florida in 1977, he had no idea that a decade later he'd be wrestling in front of 70,000 capacity stadiums with millions watching worldwide. His look and promos are what changed the business, with his actual wrestling ability being fairly limited. But he could play to the crowd like almost nobody else, whipping up excitement levels with simple mannerisms. He got over huge with the fans of the WWF in the mid 1980's, his magnetic charisma leading to a following known as Hulkamania. He'd later parlay that into a crossover to mainstream culture, starring in everything from TV dramas to Hollywood movies. But throughout his successes (and low points) there's always been a feeling of WTF with Hulk Hogan. He's at times a very strange man. Some of the blame is also down to Vince McMahon, who has booked Hulk in some plain odd scenarios. This list will be mainly WWE, but some WTF moments from Hulk's time in WCW and Japan simply must be included! Prepare for things to get wacky!
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