30 WWE Wrestlers With The Best Win/Loss Records

29. (Adrian) Neville

WWE percent

Win percentage: 86.7257% Matches on record: 113

Remember when Neville lost his second main roster match against the WWE Champion and some in the IWC complained that they'd "buried" Neville? Someone please show them this statistic. Including NXT, Neville has won almost 9 out of every 10 matches he's had thus far in WWE. That, my friends, is not a burial. That is the groundwork for a long, successful WWE career.

Whilst you can expect this number to fall drastically as time goes on, nobody can claim that Neville didn't enter WWE strong. Stronger than most, protected more than the rest. Face it, nobody would have put him at #2 here. Nobody.

(For the man at #1, however? That is quite a different story.)


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