31 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Oct 5)

The New Day are the new Roman Reigns... STRONG!

Surely this would be the week that WWE turned the tides in the fight against record low viewership figures. I say this because WWE - and Vince McMahon in particular who it was revealed will be taking more control of Monday nights going forward - reportedly drafted in both Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker in an attempt to jolt some intrigue back into RAW. Yesterday, we reported that the pair - well, Brock at least - were scheduled to appear on the show, with The Beast calling out The Phenom. Taker would then respond via a pre-recorded promo, or even by taking him to the ring himself. Whatever was in store for us, it was sure to be an upgrade on the past few weeks, at least. With WWE's next pay per view, Hell in a Cell, just under three weeks away the fallout from Saturday night's MGS live event was sure to be taking centre stage. Seth Rollins would undoubtedly be out for some sort of revenge on Kane, John Cena would be defending his United States Championship, Ryback would be sure to go after Kevin Owens' Intercontinental Championship again; while the Rusev/Ziggler and Summer Rae fracas would rear its ugly head... As ever, there were those moments that left us screaming WTF! Here's 31 of them.

31. Really?

"Brie you inspire me." Really? She's not even the best Bella! (Harsh? Probably)
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