33 Forgotten Moments In The Undertaker's WWE Career

32. His First Big Title Win Was The USWA Heavyweight Over Jerry Lawler

With a fearsome look and huge size, Mark Calaway was always going to be booked strongly in the industry. The fact he was also a solid worker made him even more of a commodity, although his in-ring excellence wouldn't really come to the fore until much later in his later career. Way back in 1989, he was still pretty green, but ended up booked to defeat USWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler. This was a big deal. Lawler was a huge name, although the change was really done just so The King could win it back again three weeks later. Calaway had also started going by the name 'Master Of Pain' at this point, in addition to being managed by Dutch Mantell, who WWE fans will now know better as Zeb Colter!
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