4 Ups & 2 Downs From This Week's Impact Wrestling (Jan 3)

Homecoming go-home show provides two top quality multi-man contests.

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Impact Wrestling

The first episode of Impact Wrestling in 2019 provided two outstanding tag team matches, kicking the year off in style. With Homecoming this weekend and then the weekly show moving to a new channel next week, it was the best way possible to end Impact’s tenure on Pop TV.

Tommy Dreamer appeared on this week’s episode to help promote the match between Eli Drake and Abyss at Homecoming. Unlike WWE’s fetish with past stars, Impact’s usage of legends has been excellent. Dreamer has shown up a handful of times this year to help elevate the likes of Eddie Edwards and now, he and old rival Raven have been brought in just before Monster’s Ball returns on Sunday. Legends can actually have a significant meaning when they’re not overused.

Elsewhere on the go-home episode, Homecoming opponents imploded in the main event. Johnny Impact and Brian Cage’s rivalry has been excellent in the build towards Sunday’s pay-per-view, with Cage using Option C to barge his way into the main event scene. On the other side of the ring, Impact’s reign with the title thus far hasn’t been the most exciting thing. The matches have been good, but nothing too interesting going on with the reign as a whole. Both men are superb as we all know, so Homecoming’s main event has all the potential to be excellent. Let’s just hope it’s not ruined in any way.

It was a phenomenal way to ring in the new year, so let’s get to it…


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