4 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Rampage (May 27)

The Young Bucks go retro WWE; AEW's new TNT Title; Rampage adds more Double Or Nothing matches.

The Young Bucks Hardy Boys AEW

All aboard AEW's banter bus on the road to Double Or Nothing.

Pre-pay-per-view episodes of Rampage tend to be a bit of an afterthought, but there was nothing low key about what The Young Bucks had in store on Friday night. Matt and Nick Jackson teleported back to the past, grabbed some Attitude Era threads and convinced an old WWE favourite to make a surprise cameo appearance.

It was all super-entertaining - only the most po-faced of wrestling fans would've turned their noses up at this sort of thing. It was exactly what that forthcoming Bucks vs. Hardys match needed to hype it, and everyone involved visibly had the best time.

Not everything on Rampage was a winner though. For every Bucks-led skit and hot opener, there was a pitfall just waiting round the next corner. Two young stars were let down badly by the show's formatting, for example, and Scorpio Sky's new TNT Title is very, very underwhelming.

Questions must be asked about how cluttered Double Or Nothing's card is getting too. AEW definitely didn't need to tack on the two matches they did here.

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