4 Ups & 3 Downs From AEW Rampage (May 27)


3. A Nothing Match

Max Caster Dante Martin

Max Caster and Dante Martin are two fine young stars who have a lot to offer, but their match didn't get out of first gear on Rampage. It wasn't very long to start with either, so the picture-in-picture ad break treatment meant fans watching the show barely got to see much.

That's a pity.

Honestly, this was a waste of TV time that should've been used to build something else. That's not meant as a dig at these workers, but they had no chance of succeeding here. AEW shouldn't have booked them into a corner or only handed them approx three minutes of full-screen spotlight.

Dante is at his best when he's flying around the ring like All Elite's very own Spider-Man. The limited time meant he had to try and squeeze those high spots in rather than making them part of a story - meanwhile, Caster came across as someone AEW isn't particularly into.

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