4 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Rampage (July 1)

Royal Rampage needs some work; AEW's women smash it; ROH steals attention?

AEW Royal Rampage

AEW's big week culminated in the "Royal Rampage" on Friday night.

Forbidden Door was a neat in-ring treat for fans who prioritise straight up matches over storytelling, but Blood & Guts scratched the other itch whilst also delivering some hard-hitting action on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite. For Rampage, Tony Khan lined up a unique concept that he hoped would grab attention.

It sure did, but the AEW boss might want to think about ways he can fine-tune the thing if it's going to become a programming regular. Speaking of which, all of these invasions from other companies are starting to take a toll on one's attention span - it's becoming increasingly difficult to care about everything that's going on.

Khan must've looked at WWE's busy roster a few years back and thought, 'Ha! Hold my beer, f*ckers!".

The best bits about Rampage came from The Young Bucks uncharacteristically dialling it down, the fine women's match main event and a refreshing choice to face Jon Moxley for the interim World Title. There wasn't much to hate, but there are definitely some grumbles to be found.

Let's dig in.

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