4 Ups & 4 Downs From AEW Rampage (May 13)

Ruby Soho advances; AEW swerves everyone; Rampage tries to do too much.

Scorpio Sky Frankie Kazarian

AEW must book a rematch between Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian at some point.

Both former SCU members work brilliantly together, and they produced a belter to close out this week's episode of Rampage. Sadly, All Elite decided to go all 'Attitude' Era on everybody by swerving the sh*t out of the finish. Was that necessary? Nah, not really.

Other problems popped up during the same segment though - Tony Khan needs to decide who's supposed to be cheered and who's supposed to be booed in the TNT Title hunt. Without clear direction, these guys are kinda stumbling around in the dark and struggling to tell a coherent story that'll keep fans hooked.

Rampage's earlier-than-usual time slot (pesky sports!) meant that AEW could be forgiven for phoning things in a little here. Booking-wise, they did, but the roster is talented enough to still put a shift in regardless. That was evident during the aforementioned main event and the frantic six-man opener.

Gaps were filled by some Dynamite setup and yet another bloody faction for a company full of them. Here's all the good and bad, including that moment, from Friday's offering.

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