4 Ups & 4 Downs From Impact Wrestling (12 Jan)

2. This Doesn't Work

Tommy Dreamer doesn't work unless he's in a weapons-based scenario. His 'normal' match vs. Deaner was a massive letdown, considering the amount of hype there was surrounding the rechristened Deaner following last week's Impact.

All credit to him, Deaner did his absolute best here to get a decent bout out of 'The Innovator of Violence', but it just wasn't enough. He came in all guns blazing against the ECW icon, absolutely battering him wherever possible. There was a huge botch in the middle of the match, though. Dreamer ran the ropes, and was supposed to be tripped up by Joe Doering at ringside. Instead, ol' Tommy instead fell over sloppily, leaving Doering looking perplexed.

Ending without a winner, a mass beatdown closed proceedings here, with Eric Young, Doering, and Deaner standing tall over their Hard To Kill opponents. It was the right visual to have heading into the weekend's pay-per-view, and we at least saw Cousin Jake actually lay his hands on his former tag partner as opposed to looking confused, but as it pertains to the bell to bell action, it wasn't enough for a go-home episode.


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