4 Ups & 4 Downs From Impact Wrestling (12 Jan)

3. An Unnecessary Beatdown

Last week's Three Minute Challenge between Moose and Matthew Palmer was fine, but we certainly didn't need a repeat this week. Even though Palmer was technically victorious last week, it only came via him lasting the three minutes after a ringside distraction from Willie Mack. Moose spent the entirety of that contest decimating the former security guard, as he did again here.

Although he took a fair few dropkicks and diving knees to the jaw from Palmer, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion looked like his usual self when he took control over poor Matthew. The usual rules applied here. Biel throws, uranages, and the MMA-style elbows that resulted in referee Brandon Tolle ending Palmer's night via referee stoppage. At least last week, there was a reason for this to happen - we were building to Moose's I Quit Match at Genesis vs. Mack.

This week, there was no reason.

On a brighter note, you have to hope Matthew Palmer earns himself a full-time Impact deal from these performances. There's a real underdog babyface story to be made in the X division for Palmer. Here's hoping that's the case.


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