4 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night’s WWE Backstage (Nov 13)


5. Instant Bullsh*t Detector

walter seth rollins

“So Book,” Renee asked, after recapping the week that was in WWE. “What stood out to you the most this past week?”

Instead of immediately mentioning Lana’s Gooker-worthy promo, Booker T claimed he was wowed by the diminishing returns of the NXT invasion. “The same thing that stood out to everybody else,” he said, as if it were obvious, as his nose threatened to poke a hole through the set. He put WALTER over, which was conspicuous. His presence was about the only redeeming aspect of a poorly-received Monday Night RAW. They call this ‘burying the lede’.

Renee turned the conversation to guest Samoa Joe. Randy Orton stood out to him, which, get f*cked. No he didn’t. Orton just drew the worst hourly rating in the history of the show. He didn’t stand out to anyone. This was fluff was so hard to follow it was akin to eating candy floss made up of pubic hair. WWE Backstage isn’t going to proportionally bury the product.

So why does it exist?

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