4 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night’s WWE Backstage (Nov 13)

4. Ryan Satin's News Update


WWE is intent on cornering every last facet of a professional wrestling industry it refuses to acknowledge by name.

The Independent circuit it once buried has now been subsumed into NXT. The thriving BritWres industry was killed off because World of Sport secured an ITV deal. Deals are planned to further shape the entire global business in WWE’s image via the plot to create NXT Japan. WWE has also entered the “candid, tell-all” podcast arena through the patently unbiased Corey Graves.

And now, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet has been co-opted as the face of the dirtsheets. He seems like a nice enough chap—he’s eager to learn a business he’s not au fait with, is very enthusiastic, and is intent on atoning for his history as a TMZ dirtbag—but this segment is very boring. There’s a nebulous quality to the integrity of this WWE/FOX relationship, and it’s therefore nowhere near as fascinating as reading a lurid headline.

We’re not getting the muck here.

We’re getting dry, safe news, only “first”, of contract renewals and the like. Satin isn’t going to say something to the effect of “Luke Harper is annoyed on Twitter because Vince McMahon had a weird hard-on for him over WrestleMania, stemming from his failure to adopt a southern accent several years ago. Also, backstage morale is plummeting because the creative is so asinine.”

His narrative is likely controlled, but he says words like “angle”, oooh!

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