4 Ups And 3 Downs From WWE NXT (Oct 21)

Pat McAFee makes a stunning return to the black and gold brand.

Putting aside my outrage that NXT have wasted another week of Halloween-adjacent promotion without hanging a single pumpkin or skeleton (plenty cobwebs, of course, as Road Dogg has brought his brain to work), the show rolls on this week with yet more spooky propositions. On the surface Shotzi Blackheart appears to be the only one taking this seriously, but look deeper...

There are the mysterious attacks that have haunted the Undisputed Era, the looming shadow of Dexter Lumis following Cameron Grimes wherever he goes, and the sinister revelations around Xia Li's letter that was maybe written in blood or something I don't know.

Either way, with us all having spun the wheel to make the deal of tuning into NXT every Wednesday night, there's little else to do but plunge our heads into the bucket of the watery abyss, and gently bob for apples of delicious pro-wrestling content. Oh, and the small matter of a Tag-Team Championship match in tonight's main-event.

Guys, I just really, really ,really like Halloween, ok?

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