4 Ups And 5 Downs From WWE NXT 2.0 (Nov 30)

Stellar WarGames Advantage ladder fights and limp title contenders make up this week's WWE NXT 2.0.

Johnny Gargano

As we close in on the last WWE PPV of the year and a night that once promised so much (and usually delivered), NXT decided to send us home with a mixed bag of build.

On the one hand, both of the always entertaining WarGames Advantage Ladder spectacles delivered the goods, whilst also both bringing their fair and unique share of variety and excitement to the table. And a few of the rising, fresh faces currently being given a decent amount of spotlight on Tuesday nights made the most out of their minutes again, with one particular Uso doing his brothers proud again last night.

But it was also business as usual in terms of NXT often undoing all of its good work in a matter of minutes as promising openings gave way to limp promos left, right, and centre, and matches that had been handled with about as much care as the last piece of turkey on Thanksgiving.

Again, this is very much a developmental show nowadays, it's worth reiterating. But in a landscape that is seeing talents culled by the month for not hitting the ground running, it's clear that nobody is going to be afforded the same time to get it right as they would've been, say, a year ago. So, a few folks may need to start pulling their fingers out, in other words.

WarGames is well and truly upon us, though, so let's take a look at what the multi-coloured monstrosity got right and what they, well, most definitely did not coming into a surely hellacious weekend.

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