41 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (Oct 19)

How tight was Taker's hat?

If this was an episode of the ever popular sitcom Friends, it would be entitled 'The One With All The Legends.' While Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker were set to return and hype their rubber Hell in a Cell match at this Sunday's pay per view, both Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair were scheduled to appear. On top of that, Stone Cold Steve Austin would be hosting his podcast with guest Brock Lesnar after the show, so he would undoubtedly get so air time too... WWE openly using every legend they could possibly get their hands on for the show in Texas it seems... Well, something's got to turn those ratings numbers round, right? On top of that we would undoubtedly have endless segments involving Corporate Kane, Seth Rollins and The Authority; while it would be interesting to see how Rusev and Lana were treat on the show. Reports suggested that the Bulgarian would be in for an "interesting night" following last week's three-minute jobbing at the hands of Ryback, with the company said to be unhappy that the former United States Champion broke kayfabe with his engagement to the Ravishing Russian... We'd also have the rest of the matches set up and hyped no doubt ahead of Sunday's PPV, with all the major championships on the line there was sure to be a series of colossal stand offs that would be sure to bore the pants off you... As always there were those moments that left us all screaming at our televisions and proclaiming WTF! Here's 41 of them...

41. Toupee City?

That's a sign that reads Suplex City with two rather humorous pictures of Donald Trump on it... I'm not so sure that The Trumpster is famous for his German Suplexes...
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