5 Best Wrestler/Manager Pairings In Wrestling Right Now

Sometimes an alliance between a wrestler and a manager can create magic.

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

Giving a wrestler a manager is an age-old staple that has dominated wrestling history.

Some of the most memorable characters the industry has ever seen haven't been the wrestlers themselves, but those calling the shots at ringside. Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan is a cherished wrestling manager, who elevated every act with which he was associated. Miss Elizabeth was the catalyst for one of the greatest Wrestlemania stories of all time.

Sure, there have been some awful examples of wrestlers being saddled with a manager and it tanking their career (we're looking at you, Momma Benjamin), but in some instances, the right pairing of a manager and wrestler can be just what is needed to push an act to a higher level.

Usually, the idea of a manager is to do the mic work for their client. The way to promote stars is to maximise their attributes and hide their flaws, and if a wrestler isn't particularly strong on the promo, give them a manager with a silver tongue. This worked incredibly well for Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman and also for another entry on our list.

It feels as if managerial pairings are on their way back to wrestling, with some brilliant pairings gracing our screens on a weekly basis...

5. FTR & Tully Blanchard

Roman Reigns Paul Heyman

This pairing just fits like Tully Blanchard's black leather glove.

As one of the legendary Four Horseman and one half of The Brain Busters, Tully Blanchard is widely considered one of the toughest men in wrestling history. With multiple tag team championship reigns and one of the most devastating tag team finishing moves, Tully Blanchard is tag team royalty.

And nobody embodies that tough, old school philosophy more than FTR.

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood are two of the most consistent and, dare we say it, underappreciated wrestlers currently working today. Their work in NXT as The Revival was phenomenal and their rivalry with DIY is still heralded as one of the greatest tag team matches in recent memory.

Upon arriving in AEW, FTR have continued their quest to bring respect back to tag team wrestling, a hard task considering the lackadaisical adherence the company has to the rules. Bringing Tully Blanchard in as their manager, a man who lives and breathes the same ethos as they do, has made on the most compelling and sensible pairings in recent memory.

Although they seem a little distant from The Pinnacle these days, their current rivalry with the Lucha Bros looks very fruitful and we can expect to see Tully watching on with pride as FTR nail another Brain Buster leading to further tag team glory.

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