5 Best Wrestling Tag-Teams That Never Were

There are only two things certain in this life...

The Undertaker IRS Death & Taxes

From The Road Warriors and Harlem Heat to The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian, pro wrestling has thrown up some absolute crackers when it comes to tag-teams. Everyone has their unique favourites, and they can pinpoint exactly where they were when these duos had their most famous matches or title wins.

What about the ones that got away though?

Above, you'll see Chris Jericho smirking as Big Show holds some tag belts aloft and cuts a promo in 2009. Together, Jeri-Show's big man/little man dynamic was a winner, but it wasn't the initial plan and only came about when fate stepped in. Jericho had been psyched to do a totally different kind of gimmick with a wrestler half the size of Show. Injury paid put to that, making his would-be tandem one the most unique teams featured here.

Others examined were cancelled due to creative teams deciding they'd rather go in a different direction or (in the case of one example) because Vince McMahon thought the idea was crap. These are some of the best tag-teams that didn't end up happening...


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