5 Best Wrestling Tag-Teams That Never Were

5. The Two Doinks

Doink The Clown Wrestlemania 9

No, we definitely don't mean Doink and Dink.

At WrestleMania IX, Matt Bourne's tremendously-haunting Doink The Clown character was joined by a doppelgänger. In one of the much-maligned show's best moments, both green-haired pranksters mirrored one another's movements before clasping hands and laughing their asses off. It was over the top, silly and a lot of fun.

The second Doink was played by Steve Keirn, best-known for his time under the Skinner gimmick. Both he and Bourne had similar stature, had excelled as heels, and it looked like the WWF would shove them together as a coulrophobic's worst nightmare. It didn't happen, and there was no good reason why not.

Some have pointed to Bourne's recurring personal demons, but he didn't leave the company until late-1993. That means a tag-team of Doinks could've worked through the summer as a killer double act. Sadly, the gimmick would be ruined by an ill-advised heel turn.


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