5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (April 18)

Ru-Ruminating on Ru-Ru.


WWE's latest update on the Draft concept - the Superstar Shake-Up - is almost infuriatingly lazy.

There is only a faint pretence that "intense negotiations" take place. Mostly, the Superstars are moved around the chess board arbitrarily like interchangeable parts. In many ways, it is a depressing fictional echo of reality. In WWE, so few of the performers actually matter that it borders on the astonishing.

WWE did make effort in some cases, if you're willing to really suspend disbelief and make your own adventure.

You can buy that Kurt Angle was more than happy to wash his hands of The Miz. Miz was a persistent pest throughout 2017, no longer controls the fate of the RAW-based Intercontinental Title, and you can infer also that Angle and Daniel Bryan share a certain mutual respect that allowed the latter, newly-cleared, a chance to avenge years' worth of prodding. It's somewhat easy to accept that both Angle and Paige would both "negotiate" with NXT to sign, respectively, two former NXT Champions in Drew McIntyre and Andrade 'Cien' Almas. Kurt Angle persuading Paige to take Big Cass on was cracking business, given how terribly his first singles run went.

Altogether less easy to buy...


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