5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (Dec 21)

4. No Chance, That's What You've Got

Daniel Bryan Goat II

Ahead of Monday Night RAW, Vince McMahon announced his return. Vince McMahon was gonna shake things up!

WWE recognised the plummeting ratings, and pinpointed the Baron Corbin character, a character scripted for and by Vince McMahon, as the source. Really, Corbin was a mere symptom of the ailment. As General Manager Elect, he was yet another tired authority figure, a trope most if not all WWE fans are exhausted by. In his stead, there are now four authority figures on RAW - and they're all McMahons, who we're also sick of. Instead of fixing the problem, WWE on Monday night multiplied it.

"I'll try not to get it on the rest of your table here, huh? Can I do that, huh? You wanna eat sh*t, huh? I'm gonna - I'm comin' to, I'm comin' to, I'm comin to, I'm comin' to sh*t all over your face!"

This was a morbidly hilarious flex on Vince's part. The man doesn't really want to appear on television, because he has deemed himself too old, and perhaps fearful of his reception, he once more scolded his audience just in case they were about to boo him.

We're sick of overlong, clearly scripted segments. The New RAW opened with a 20 minute opening segment. We're also sick of disposable storylines that go nowhere and mean nothing, and so Stephanie and Shane McMahon, less than one month after Survivor Series, joined forces without so much as a conflicted glare.

"We're off to a fresh start," said Steph, cutting her 673rd opening promo since her 2013 return. That's a comedic device, and also the actual f*cking truth.

We're also sick of...


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